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Experience Better Healthcare.

Better Outcomes.

For individuals on multiple medications, GenoPATH's™ unique patient-centered medication management solutions can improve healthcare outcomes. Learn more...

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The GenoPATH™ Difference:

GenoPATH™ uniquely combines the science of genetics with medication reconciliation and consultative support in order to deliver comprehensive medication management solutions. Learn more...
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You Know Your Patients

GenoPATH™ solutions provide you, the physician, with enhanced patient-centered decision support informed by genetics for comprehensive medication management that is easily integrated into your healthcare practice. Learn more...
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One Size Does Not Fit All

Drugs are often designed based on how the "average" individual patient will respond. Unfortunately, this one size fits all approach can result in adverse drug events and hospitalizations for some. GenoPATH has a better way. Learn more...




Experience better outcomes through a new approach to managing medications informed by your genetics.

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Are you taking five or more medications, including non-prescription medications? Wouldn't it make sense to take advantage of a comprehensive approach that can significantly improve the the effectiveness of your medications through your physician?  Learn more



Introduce comprehensive medication management informed by genetics into your practice with GenoPATH™.

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What if there was a way to easily introduce comprehensive medication management into your practice while improving your patients' healthcare outcomes?  Learn more



Introduce medication management informed by genetic insights into your pharmacy with GenoPATH™.

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What if there was a platform that supported collaboration across your patient's healthcare continuum of care for better medication management?  Learn more